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Giclée Print - High-End Cruse Scan - Reproduction
Highest quality scanning and reproduction (scan & print & copy) service
We proudly present our world-class large format Cruse scanner

"The Cruse scanner is the Rolls Royce of repro-stand scanner systems. This scanner is used by leading museums, by military, federal police agencies, research universities, by anyone who needs the absolute top quality digital image." - Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth, director, FLAAR

The cornerstone of digital archiving and reproduction is the high quality digitalization.

Digitalization of paintings, graphics, photos, old documents and maps has so far been really hard. The advantage of flatbed desktop scanners is high resolution, but their bottleneck is small size, and narrow sharpness. You can only read separate pages by pull-through scanners, besides pulling between the rollers can be dangerous – valuable archive pages can get stuck, creased or torn.

Modern digital repro-photography requires a specially equipped studio, and professional experience. Homogenous lighting, filtering reflections of oil-paints, and mapping of paint-layers or plasticity often means an irresolvable task for the photographer, or compromising for the customer. The scale of enlargement is often defined – or mostly limited – by the resolution of digital cameras or camera-backs.

The Cruse large fromat scanner was developed for digitalization of valuable artifacts, pieces of museum - or private collections, and various archives. Developers regarded quality requirements without compromises as their highest goal. Cruse scanner has become a determinative device in digitalization.

Technical data
  • resolution: between 300 - 1000 dpi
  • table: 100 x 150 cm (39,4" x 59")
  • number of pixels: 14.200 x 50.000 (710 Megapixel)
  • maximal size of object: 180 x 280 cm (more sections)
  • maximal thickness: 25 cm
  • depth of field: 10 cm
  • fixing of objects: magnetic, glass-plate, vacuum table
Highly detailed, perfect image quality, texture highlighting extras

Most important features of the scanner::

  • no contact to the object
  • the picture doesn’t have to be removed from it's frame
  • same result through glass (see example of framed picture at the left)
  • the picture is exposed to a really small amount of light (fluorescent lighting)
  • the whole surface gets homogeneous D50 lighting
  • all of the pixels are lighten from the same direction
  • shadows aren’t doused by opposite lights
  • details remain the same in dark ranges as well
  • texture highlighting shadows are created by a special light angle device
  • colour-corrected gamut (Adobe RGB profile)
  • files are saved with embedded icc profile
The advantages of the Cruse scanner, compared to reproductional photography:
  • highest image size is more than 700 MegaPixels
  • homogenic lighting
  • one-way, two-way, and deflected lighting available
  • no need for filters
  • oil-paint doesn’t reflect during scanning
  • the object can be turned, it could be lit from the preferred direction
  • scanning of 3D and flat surfaces is possible with one setting
  • minimal preparation time, no spot measuring required
  • scanning of more pictures is possible with the same settings
  • revealing 3D details, like brush-strokes or thick paints
  • we can illustrate textures on large surfaces as well
  • scanning of other 3D works (sculpturesques or coins, collages, carvings) is possible
  • no need for RAW development, files are color-corrected instantly
  • prints can reach up to 10x enlargement
What do we scan?

Our services include far more, than just fine art reproduction. They can be adapted in countless fields:
- digitizing documents of local archives
- scientific research
- scanning carpets, textiles, folk-artpieces
- scanning engineering and design-models
- documentation of industrial patterns
- product catalogues (e.g. tiles, floor panels, texture files for 3D modelling)

Our studio provides safe conditions, as well as qualified staff. We will digitize your pictures or other arts with the best possible quality.


We provide discount from the scanning prices, if you order the artistic prints from us!
Regular costumers get concessional prices for bigger orders.
We gladly demonstrate the scanning process to everyone who is interested!
Please ask for price-list at our costumer service!

Read more press releases: LUPE Magazin (in Hungarian), NewDecor Magazin (In English and German)
Sample scans with zoom - click on the desired image!
Please wait while loading high size image file! Keep the cursor over the picture!


Nude model

Thick oil painting

Oil painting on canvas

Drawing - white pencil




Diploma under glass

Beethoven's original music




Coloured etching

Map of Hungary 520dpi

Map of Hungary 1000dpi detail


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Összes címke
high density
largest size
matte finish
photographic media
premium quality
self adhesive
Összes címke
high density
largest size
matte finish
photographic media
premium quality
self adhesive